Trump Wakes Up & Tweets Ivanka Trump For UN Ambassador Message Like A Lunatic


In yet another example of Trump believing that “many people are saying” things that he’d like to be true, or things that a handful of crazy sycophants on Fox News have said that flattered him somehow are a reflection of the larger attitudes of Americans, the president tweeted his pleasure that “everyone wants Ivanka Trump to be the new UN ambassador.

The vast majority of the country, including everyone with any sense at all, never wanted Ivanka Trump in the White House. She has no experience in government or foreign policy, her presence at staff meetings that do not involve her are reportedly distracting and annoying the most of the White House staff, and her signature policy initiatives have absolutely nothing to do with her father’s agenda.

When Ivanka was originally given an office in the White House, even Ann Coulter confronted Trump to tell him that he couldn’t just appoint his family members to key government positions. Although Trump’s rabid fanbase will inevitably point to President John F. Kennedy’s appointment of his brother, Robert Kennedy, to the Department of Justice as attorney general, the younger Kennedy was actually qualified for the position. Ivanka Trump is a fashion designer who’s largest leadership role before Trump’s presidency was in managing a sweat shop that produced her clothing line.

It’s contradictory to say that “everyone wants” something in the same sentence as you insist that a significant portion of the country will be “chanting” their negative reaction. Once again, Trump seems to think that “everyone” only includes his supporters. No one else matters, and in fact, everyone else is just an annoyance, an enemy, and out to undermine him.

Twitter wasn’t amused by Trump’s ridiculous tweet, either. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license