Trump Is Now Renting Out The Contact List For His Political Donors: report


There’s nothing Donald Trump wouldn’t do to earn a dollar. Whether it’s cheating on his taxes or stumping for pedophiles, Donald will do anything for money. Today the New York Times reported that the Trump campaign is offering up his vaunted donor’s list for the grand sum of $35 per 1000 names. The campaign signed a contract with Virginia based company Excelsior Strategies which will handle any transactions.

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According to the Times, eighty-five percent of the money earned from the rental will go to the Trump campaign. Brad Parscale told the paper that:

‘Republicans have suffered from being behind in small-dollar fund-raising, and the president, over the course of the campaign and his presidency, has built the largest Republican first-party data list.’

‘So giving other candidates and groups access to that data through a legal means to rent it was one of the best things I could do for the Republican ecosystem. And the campaign makes a little money, too. It’s a win-win.’

The selling of a donor’s list isn’t really all that unusual though — most successful campaigns do the same thing every election cycle. The thing with the Trump list though, is that he hasn’t really done anything that helps the people on his list, so anyone renting those names might be in for a rude awakening.

It’s no wonder the Republican party is suffering from small-dollar fundraising problems…after all, they do nothing for the people who make those small-dollar donations. Now that Trump’s proven that he isn’t going to do anything for those small donors either, his list doesn’t carry as much weight as is used to. In fact, everything Trump’s done since being in office has hurt the lower and middle classes. so it would be humorous if the list he’s selling is a total bust. But that wouldn’t be anything unusual though. Every other thing Trump has sold has been a bust too.

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