Trump’s Sunday Activities Revealed By Journalist & Hurricane Victims Are Seething


In Florida, the death toll from Hurricane Michael has risen to 18 people and is expected to rise once inspections are completed. So far, Trump’s response to the hurricane has been to tweet a lot, participate in a publicity stunt that went horribly wrong with Kanye West, and attend multiple campaign rallies across the United States.

On Sunday, he went golfing.

While few of us actually care whether or not Trump goes golfing during his term as president – it isn’t as if he gets much accomplished when he’s actually present in the White House – the hypocrisy of Trump golfing and attending rallies following a devastating hurricane is enraging, especially when one reviews his numerous outraged tweets every time Obama held a golf club.

So far, Trump has managed to have one vacation day at a golf club property every 4.3 days of his presidency. Sunday’s golf trip was his 210th in just 22 months in office.

The cost to taxpayers for Trump’s golfing trips now tops $79,000,000.

Trump has scheduled a visit to the affected areas in Florida, but taking a vacation in the meantime, especially when he threw Twitter tantrums over Obama golfing on any day (much less immediately following a natural disaster), makes him both a liar (“I won’t have time to play golf”) and a hypocrite.

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