Avenatti Taunts Trump Jr. Over Looming Indictment & It Is Hilarious


The Trumps have a perpetually difficult time with the truth. President Donald Trump has been documented to have lied literally thousands of times since taking office, and his son has followed suit, offering false testimony to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, among other issues. Prominent lawyer Michael Avenatti stuck this issue to Trump Jr. this week, who’s supposed to be running the family business in his father’s absence. It’s a wonder, though, that he has time for that undertaking while remaining so deeply intertwined with his father’s political ambitions.

Trump Jr. sought to undercut Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke this week, asking of the candidate to unseat U.S. Senator and Republican Ted Cruz:

‘What’s authentic about an Irish guy pretending to be Hispanic? Asking for some friends Texas.’

O’Rourke has not pretended to be Hispanic, with the presidential family member’s implication seemingly being that because he goes by “Beto” instead of “Robert,” he’s carrying on with a masquerade.

Twitter user Tony Tellez explained in response to Trump Jr.:

‘As a native of Texas, it is VERY common for ANYONE with the name Robert to be called Beto. It’s a TEXAS thing, not a Hispanic thing. Also, ethnic arguments are sign one of racism. So, nice job riling up the neo nazi base.’

Avenatti also had his own response, going before the world and reminding those who would listen of the fact that the Trumps are in no place to talk about authenticity. Avenatti has been a thorn in the side of the Trumps for some time, representing Stormy Daniels, who the Trump team had sought to bully into silence about an affair she had with the now-president. She wouldn’t go along with that — and eventually, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to federal crimes, implicating the president in the process, for his scheme to shut her up.

In other words, Avenatti knows what he’s doing.

He replied to Trump Jr.:

‘Can you confirm that you have no reason to believe that you are about to be indicted for making false stmts to federal agents? Asking for some friends. Btw, this could not happen to a nicer guy. Will your father continue his corruption pattern and pardon you?’

Although it’s not immediately clear what specific statements Avenatti may have in mind, Trump Jr. has certainly lied to authorities before. He sat before the U.S. Senate, for instance, and asserted that no government other than Russia had ever offered assistance to the Trump campaign and that he had not sought out such help — he did, though. He met with a group including George Nader, acting as a representative for the crown princes of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and Israeli social media specialist Joel Zamel, who’s been described as linked to his country’s intelligence apparatus.

There’s also the matter, of course, of his infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Kremlin lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and others after he’d been promised she’d bring dirt from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton. What lies he may have directly told authorities about that remain to be seen.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot