Trump Goes Full Stupid During Televised Interview From Hurricane Epicenter


After Hurricane Maria destroyed huge parts of Puerto Rico, Donald Trump’s failure to help them made things so much worse. In fact the island nation just got all of their power restored late last month and it only took eleven months for that to happen. Trump failed them miserably. Today Trump and his wife toured Lynn Haven, Florida that was devastated by Hurricane Michael and he made some pretty big boasts. He claimed that he’s doing more for hurricane relief than any other president ever. Oh and he again stated the obvious about the dangers of water. He said that water can be very damaging, horrible and scary…at least he didn’t just say that water is wet this time.

He claimed that the damage Hurricane Michael caused was something that no one has ever seen before. Well maybe he should ask the poor folks in Houston, New Orleans, or Puerto Rico because they’ve most definitely seen worse. His exact quote was kind of rambling but here’s what he said after he was asked how he would prioritize relief efforts.

‘Well we’re going to do a lot and we’re going to do a lot for Florida. We’re now going to Georgia, Georgia was hit very hard. But when you look and I think the governor will tell you we’re doing a lot. We are doing more than anybody ever would have done.’

What’s with his rambling speech? Why does he always repeat himself so much? It makes him sound like a small child that can’t keep his thoughts straight. How does he figure he’s going to do more than anybody ever to help those people who need it? If we judge his past responses to devastating hurricanes, then we can clearly see that the people of Florida and Georgia could be in real trouble.

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Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube.