Trump Makes Ridiculous Hurricane Claim On Twitter & Immediately Regrets It


Five days ago, Hurricane Michael, one of the strongest storms on record to make landfall in the United States, crashed into the Florida panhandle killing eighteen people and leaving countless missing. Thousands are now homeless, and those whose homes are still standing are still without power — many without access to food or fresh water.

But where was Trump the day after Michael struck? He was in the White House’s Oval Office with Kanye West. Trump obviously didn’t have a care in the world that day, other than the rapper’s admiration. Of course, the “president” invited cameras in as well, to make sure the world was aware that he really does like black people.

Trump, with Melania in tow, finally did make it to Florida earlier today, where he spent his usual amount of time (not much) putting on a show for the cameras. Naturally, he even tweeted about it and included a video with a compilation of clips from his visit showing him shaking hands with people — even seemingly trying to be nice to children:

As expected, the interwebz were not about to let him get away with this hypocrisy and they had a LOT to say. Here are some of the most compelling responses:


Interesting choice of words in his tweet that “WE WILL PREVAIL!” Too bad he couldn’t say or do that for Puerto Rico. Let’s just hope that his response record will improve after this tragedy, because I don’t think America can handle much more of this so-called “#WINNING.”

Featured image via YouTube.