Iranian-American Group Calls Out Lindsey Graham For Racist Remark


There have always been racists in this country, but education and common sense did a good job silencing the more outspoken ones over time. But ever since President Obama came into office, and especially now that Trump sits in the White House, racists have felt free to come out in the open again. Today, Senator Lindsey Graham made a racist statement on Fox and Friends that has him drawing the ire of the Iranian-American community.

While making fun of Elizabeth Warren and the fact that she does indeed have Native American ancestry, Graham told the host of Fox and Friends that the next time he was invited to the show that he’d probably be Iranian…and that would be terrible. Of course, the Fox hosts tried to cover for him by saying that not all Iranians were terrible, only their leaders are, to which Graham agreed.

Now Jamal Abdi, president of the National Iranian American Council, issued a statement and blasted Graham’s comment as disgusting.

‘If you dread the notion of Iranian ancestry and believe all Iranians are liars, you are hopelessly bigoted and unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate where votes affect tens of millions of Iranians and millions more of Iranian ancestry in the diaspora.’

Why do Republicans have such a hard time hiding their racist views? It’s because they have a racist leader, Donald Trump, and they feel like it’s okay to let their ugly views out in the open because they know he’ll back them up.

Abdi’s statement further blasted Graham saying:

‘The Iranian-American community will not forget such casual racism, nor will it forget which party has enacted policy on the basis of such racism by banning our family members from Iran.’

It’s time for Republicans to understand that they need to put their racism back in the closest, or maybe even try to educate themselves and do away with their racist tendencies altogether.

The Twitterverse had a lot to say about Graham’s remake:

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