Lindsey Graham Makes Racist Iran Joke That Goes Mega Viral In Seconds


What is this? Is it beat up on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) day? She took a DNA test to prove she has Native American blood running through her veins.  Thus, she hoped to remove one of Donald Trump’s ongoing rants against women during his rallies. Then, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) piled onto the discussion.

The South Carolina senator appeared on Fox News as a loyal Trump ambassador doing tryouts for the role of the number two attorney general in this administration. He probably stepped on some presidential toes, when he criticized the Saudi Arabian royal family for murdering a Washington Post journalist, and he wanted to make up with the big guy.

Kyle Griffin, producer of MSNBC’s @TheLastWord tweeted out a message that he said was his own opinion. He showed Graham joking on Fox:

‘Lindsey Graham jokes about taking a DNA test: “I’ll probably be Iranian. That’d be, like, terrible.” (via Fox)’

Graham has appeared to have lost his moral center after his best friend in the Senate, John McCain (R-AZ), passed away. Or maybe the South Carolina senator was always as Trump as Trump, but McCain grounded him. Regardless, Graham went over the line when he made fun of Warren’s DNA test.

He leaped from humor into racism and misogyny with his Fox interview. Being Iranian is not “terrible” — unless you have been trying to get a cabinet position in Trump’s White House.

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.