Michael Avenatti Just Responded To Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Jab & Holy Hell


Michael Avenatti pulled all the punches Tuesday morning after the President of the United States went on a crudely sexist and demeaning attack on Stormy Daniels’ physical appearance. No doubt, White House staffers have been containing this rage ever since the #mushroomdick revelation Daniels put in her new book, but now, after an insane amount of tweets on various topics this morning, he has finally let loose on her.

Daniels lawyer, and general badass, Michael Avenatti had this to say just minutes after Trump’s tweet:


In this case, the truth really hurts. One thing that Trump doesn’t know squat about is the law, so pissing off Avenatti any further was probably not the best thing Trump could have done at this point. Until now, Trump’s lawyers have been able to buy his way out of every sticky situation, but since his true colors came out during his presidential campaign, Trump has been finding it harder and harder to retain a lawyer’s services for a substantial period of time.

People responding to the tweet agree that this is not like anything a president has ever done. Check out the best responses to the post below: