Trump Announces His Plans If Republicans Lose Control Of The House


President Donald Trump loves to take the credit for any and all wins Republicans manage to score in elections. However, don’t expect him to own his part in any losses that may occur after this year’s election.

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In an interview with the Associated Press, Trump stated he refuses to accept any responsibility for any losses Republicans may suffer even if it means they lose the House.

‘Facing the prospect of an electoral defeat that could imperil his presidency, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won’t accept the blame if Republicans lose the House in November, arguing that he is “helping” Republican candidates in the midterms.’

Democrats have a real possibility at taking back the House; however, Republicans are sure they will keep the majority in the Senate. According to a CNN survey, Democrats are leading the GOP by 13 points.

‘This is the widest margin of support for Democrats in a midterm cycle since 2006, when at this point, the party held a whopping 21-point lead over Republicans among likely voters. That’s also when Democrats seized control of the House from Republicans, making Nancy Pelosi speaker until 2011.’

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Trump actually said no one else has helped the Republican party as he has.

‘I don’t believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact.’

Right. We’ll see in November, Trump.

Furthermore, he refused to address the possibility that he’d have to accept responsibility for any losses like President Barack Obama did back in 2010.

Along with talking about the election. Trump spoke with the AP about a multitude of subjects including the plea bargain his former lawyer Michael Cohen made.

‘Trump derided Cohen, who worked for Trump for a decade, as “a PR person who did small legal work,” and said it was “very sad” that Cohen had struck a deal to “achieve a lighter sentence.”‘

Additionally, he also completely defended calling Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) “Horseface.” In a tweet on Tuesday, the president of the United States, a grown man, tweeted this:

‘”Federal Judge throws out Stormy Daniels lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.” @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing about me, a total con!’

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When asked by the AP if it was appropriate to insult a woman in such a manner, he commented:

‘You can take it any way you want.’

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Oh, women will take it however they want. In fact, the CNN survey that found Democrats have a 13-point lead over the GOP also found 63 percent of women plan to vote Democrat.

‘If women were to vote as the likely voter number suggests, it would be Democrats strongest performance in the House race in the history of modern exit polling (back to 1976). The previous record for women voting Democratic was in 1982, when Democrats got the nod of 58% of women voters.’

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Interestingly enough, he also said this when he talked about Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

‘I can fire him whenever I want to fire him.’

Additionally, he also shared that the next White House counsel will be Pat Cipollone.

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