Trump Flies Into Sexist Rage, Attacks ‘Horseface’ Stormy Daniels Like A Drunk


Donald Trump is the saddest sack of manure, and unlike any president we have ever seen, (even the illiterate hillbilly ones) he is hateful as hell too. His attacks on women are regular and highly aggressive, leading many to assume that the President of the United States hates women in general. Now, he is pulling a move many thought he would have tried ages ago. He just went after Stormy Daniels’ physical appearance.

Trump’s Tuesday morning Twitter escapades covered multiple topics, from a threat to the president of Honduras, to Fox News quotes, to jobs numbers, to Saudi Arabia, and now, he’s decided to go one further and call the woman he slept with, then paid off, “horseface.”

There are no words. We have never seen a POTUS act like a schoolyard bully, attacking people based on their looks, and degrading women, period. America will never fully recover from the Trump era. This will never be forgotten, and we will always be the butt of international jokes. Good job, Merca.

People on the internet immediately went berserk over the name-calling. Below are some of the best reactions to what the president just said: