Trump Just Attacked Elizabeth Warren During Childish Crybaby Twitter Rant


The president (the bad, orange version), sometimes referred to as Donald Trump, is getting slammed with historically low approval ratings. To deflect, he’s focused on what he likes to do most: run for president against a female opponent he can flex his racist and sexist muscles against in front of his rabid Twitter fanbase.

Trump’s newest birther campaign involves Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and her claim to Native American ancestry. On Monday, Warren released a DNA test that did show a small amount of that ancestry and a Stanford professor who is an expert in tracking ancestral lines determined that Warren has an ancestor of pure Native American heritage within six to ten generations before her.

Trump has since begun clinging to a rebuttal by the Cherokee Nation, who took offense to the use of a DNA test to prove Native American heritage, as proof that Warren is lying.

That is not evidence that she’s lied about anything. In fact, the genealogy report from the Standford University professor shows that what Warren said was true since she absolutely does have a Native American ancestor. She has never claimed tribal citizenship.

What Trump also ignores in the statement from the Cherokee Nation is that the offense they took was to the use of a DNA test for this purpose. Warren was never the one who proposed using a DNA test; in fact, it was Trump who did so. While the senator from Massachusetts can be criticized for taking Trump’s bait, Trump did not realize that a DNA test was insufficient for this purpose and deserves equal blame for the offense.

Of course, he also ignores statements from the hiring committee and faculty at Harvard who say that they never considered Warren’s ethnicity when she was hired, but since that doesn’t fit his narrative, he’ll never acknowledge it, anyway.

Twitter was not buying Trump’s latest round of attacks. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license