FBI Swarm Raids Mayor In Puerto Rico After Direct Threats To/From Trump


Donald Trump has shown a talent for lying, for playing an audience, and for holding a grudge. After Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz asked the president for help. When he failed, her cries became sharp. POTUS never forgot, and this was how he got even.

FBI agents descended upon the building that houses San Juan’s government. They were apparently investigating the mayor’s purchasing practices, along with other officials.

A San Juan journalist, Luis Guardiola caught the raid in a tweet:

‘Dozens of FBI agents occupy the 15th floor of the Municipal Tower. That’s how the feds arrived this morning.’

The agency claimed the city had shown favoritism by hiring BR Solutions with a $4.7 million two-year contract. The company’s owner, Leonel Pereira O’Neill, is a local businessman who has made contributions to local politicians, including Cruz.

The FBI spokesperson, Carlos Osorio, commented:

‘The raid helps us to confirm whether the allegations of irregularities are substantiated or not. We are filling out a search warrant, looking for documents and evidence that can support the allegation (of favoritism.’

Cruz responded with her own tweets:

‘At the moment, members of the FBI are intervening in the Municipal Tower of San Juan. My instructions as always are of total collaboration.’

She continued:

‘At this time, I do not have more information. We all have the duty to collaborate to clarify this situation. If someone has done something wrong, must be subjected to a due process and face the consequences of their actions.’

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