Mass Shooting Erupts On College Campus Abroad Killing At Least 18 People


On Monday, wildly conflicting reports from Russian investigators on the 18 deaths on a college campus in Crimea were issued. What was once assumed to be some kind of terrorist attack suddenly turned into a school shooting as investigators released statements.

After saying publicly that the deaths were due to an explosive device planted by a terrorist in the Russian-annexed Crimea, investigators now say that the 18 dead and 40 wounded were all the result of a school shooter who acted alone and then took his own life.

According to The Associated Press at 3:45 PM Moscow time:

‘The Investigative Committee said an 18-year old student identified as Vladislav Roslyakov arrived at the vocational college in Kerch early Wednesday afternoon with a rifle and opened fire. The investigators said all the victims have died of gunshot wounds.’

Just two hours earlier, however, the attack was reported to have been caused by an explosive device. This is not a small detail change. Video exists in which the sound of an explosion is heard, and students there say that’s what they heard, as well.

The massive shift in details did not go unnoticed and have many people crying foul, especially considering that Russia is in charge of the investigation after its illegal annexation of the country.

‘Russia‚Äôs top investigative agency says an explosive device rigged with metal fragments caused the carnage at the school. Yet Russian news media reported that at least some of the victims died in an attack by an unidentified gunman or gunmen.’

Twitter was skeptical of the story. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via Twitter