Trump Gives Interview To ‘AP’ & Is Humiliated In 3 Quick Sentences


Mr. Trump is obviously beginning to get nervous in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections. He knows that a blue wave is very possible and that Democrats are likely to fully gain control of the House and possibly even the Senate. What is ironic though is the fact that Trump doesn’t think he has any responsibility in the event that the Republicans lose the House.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said that he won’t accept the blame if the Democrats regain control of the House in November. He argues that he is “helping” Republican candidates in the midterms. Trump said:

‘I don’t believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact.’ Trump Gives Interview To 'AP' & Is Humiliated In 3 Quick Sentences Corruption Donald Trump Election 2018 Politics Supreme Court Top Stories Videos

It’s as simple as this though. People are going to vote for Democratic candidates because of Mr. Trump and the other corrupt politicians who surround him. Trump is not the “very stable genius” he claims to be.

The AP reported:

‘In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, Trump also accused his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen of “lying” under oath, defended his use of the derisive nickname “Horseface” for porn actress Stormy Daniels and argued that the widespread condemnation of the Saudis in the disappearance of a Washington Post columnist was a rush to judgment.’

The Democrats remain hopeful about their chances to regain control of the House while Republicans are seemingly confident that they can maintain control of the Senate. If Democrats do take control of the House, they could conduct investigations or pursue impeachment. In that event, Trump says he will “handle it very well.”

Trump also told The AP that he feels that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation will help to motivate GOP voters. Former President George W. Bush made calls to lobby GOP senators regarding Kavanaugh’s confirmation. However, Trump says he has not thanked him for his assistance.

A CNN survey which was released last Tuesday shows that 54 percent of likely voters favor a Democratic congressional candidate in their district. The survey predicts:

‘Democrats will win 229 seats (and the House majority) while Republicans will win just 206 seats. A Democratic win of 205 seats and 262 seats is within the margin of error.

‘Republicans will hold 52 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 48. Anything between Republicans holding 47 seats and 57 seats is within the margin of error.’

The split that could likely happen is quite significant. According to Axios:

‘The split can be seen in campaign messaging, too. Most Democrats in competitive House races are supporting some form of “Medicare for All.” On the other side Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana touts in an ad being “pro-gun” and voting for Trump’s border wall.’

Michael Steel, a GOP strategist who’s worked with Jeb Bush, John Boehner and Paul Ryan said:

‘We are on the verge of having two national ideological parties separated by geography in a way that we haven’t had in American history before.’

The impact of such a split could likely be felt long after the 2018 midterm elections considering there would be Republicans replacing moderate Democratic senators while “outspokenly progressive first-time candidates” help to control the House.

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