Dunkin’ Donuts Clerk Delivers Racist Rant Against Muslim Family Speaking Somali


Sadly, the racism and anti-Muslim sentiment abounds in this country, and blatant displays of it are only getting worse. Mr. Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric has provided the perfect fuel for igniting hate across the nation.

On Monday, 20 year-old college student Hamdia Ahmed, who was a customer at a Dunkin Donuts in Portland, Maine, made this post on Facebook about the experience she and her family had at the popular chain. Ahmed says that her family was screamed at and told to leave, and the police were called.

On Monday afternoon, Ahmed and her family went through the drive-thru. As her family members spoke to one another in Somali, their native language, a shift manager came over the speaker and told them to “stop yelling.”

Ahmed told the Press Herald:

‘All of a sudden we heard a woman say, “stop yelling, stop yelling.” We’re like what’s happening. We’re just having a conversation. We were talking in Somali.’

Ahmed went on to say:

‘She told us she’s not going to take our order and for us to leave and she was going to call the police.’

Ahmed can be heard on the video telling the worker:

‘I was speaking to my family in my language ordering stuff. You’re going to disrespect me because I speak a different language than you? Is that what it is?’

Ahmed continues saying:

‘I was talking to my family. I was talking to my family.’

The worker tries to shut her down saying she doesn’t want to hear it and then tells her to leave or she’s going to call the cops. The picture on Ahmed’s Facebook post was snapped when she went inside to confront the manager.

What is even more infuriating is the fact that the police issued Hamdia Ahmed a no-trespass order, which was later rescinded after the owner of Dunkin Donuts apologized.

Ahmed received much support through social media.


Featured image is a screenshot from Facebook