Mitch McConnell Tells Massive Trump/Deficit Lie & Gets Mocked To Oblivion


Remember way back in the old days of 2016 when all Republicans could talk about was how high our debt and deficits are? They were all about cutting spending here and cutting it even more there… If you paid any attention to them you would have thought that the debt was going to ruin our nation. Once we got a white president in office, however, Republicans rarely ever mention the debt or deficit anymore. Well, except for today, when Mitch McConnell claimed that our deficit isn’t a Republican problem…now he’s trying to hang the deficit on both parties.

He’s conveniently leaving out that the deficit has increased 17 percent in Donald Trump’s first full fiscal year in office. He’s also leaving out that Trump’s tax scam caused the biggest part of the deficit increase–a tax scam that no Democrat voted for. McConnell told Bloomberg News:

‘The three big entitlement programs that are very popular, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, that’s 70 percent of what we spend every year. There’s been a bipartisan reluctance to tackle entitlement changes because of the popularity of those programs.’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had a completely different take from McConnell. She said today,

‘Like clockwork, Republicans in Congress are setting in motion their plan to destroy the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that seniors and families rely on, just months after they exploded the deficit by $2 trillion with their Tax Scam for the rich.’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer didn’t agree with McConnell either. He said:

‘As November approaches, it’s clear Democrats stand for expanding affordable health care and growing the middle class, while Republicans are for stripping away protections for people with pre-existing conditions and cutting Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid to fund their giveaways to corporate executives and the wealthiest few.’

What McConnell said is a bunch of bull dookey…Social Security pays for itself and anyone with even a little common sense knows it. And by the way, Medicare is the best, most cost-effective health insurance available in this country. What he’s doing is just trying to scare up support for cutting the programs. Maybe if he and Trump hadn’t gotten together to give the already wealthy a huge cash giveaway in the form of their tax scam, this country would be much better off financially.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube