Trump Attacks Dem Senator On Twitter During Pre-Rally Meltdown


Trump has bragged repeatedly that a simple endorsement from him on Twitter can boost a candidate’s poll numbers by fifty points. Despite reported advice from his White House advisers that this won’t be true in every case and that traveling to some states are a waste of time and money, such as traveling to Wisconsin to back Scott Walker, Trump has ignored that advice, sure that his endorsement can win an election for even the most unelectable Republicans.

That isn’t likely to happen in Montana.

Trump has a personal grudge against Tester, who released the damning information that got Admiral Ronny Jackson forced out of the running for the position of Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Despite that very vocal grudge and Trump’s repeated attacks against Tester on Twitter, his poll numbers remained solid, a full four to seven points ahead of his challenger, Matt Rosendale.

Then, during a time period when Republican candidates in other states got what pollsters called the “Kavanaugh bump” for supporting Trump’s nominated alleged attempted rapist’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Tester’s numbers suddenly changed.

Image via Five Thirty Eight

Most polls have him leading by around 10 points, but the boost after he voting against Kavanaugh’s confirmation cannot be denied. Further polls show that while 27 percent of Montana’s likely voters say Tester is doing a poor job as senator, 43 percent say the same about Trump. The president’s approval rating in Montana is a whopping 20 percent.

Trump won’t be taking Montana back for the Republicans anytime soon.

Twitter was not having any part of Trump’s online bullying. Read some of their comments below:


Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license