Trump Reveals New Anti-Immigrant Conspiracy Theory Against Dems


For some reason, President Donald Trump remains petrified of immigrants. If that sounds petty and worse than juvenile, it’s because it is — and yet he remains in a position of hardly paralleled political power.

Thursday, he used that power to try and drum up even more fear of immigrants and hatred for Democrats, too. He shared a video on Twitter of a large group of migrants attempting to make their way to the United States, offering the foreboding caption:

‘Can you believe this, and what Democrats are allowing to be done to our Country?’

The video is just a clip of a group of people having some sort of documentation handed to them. Many if not all of them pose no apparent physical threat — they’re just normal human beings, including plenty of women and children.

To Trump, though, they’re an animalistic army hellbent on destroying the vision of the United States and Western civilization that his followers hold dear.

And some wonder why angry white nationalists feel empowered to take to the streets and beat people up why again?

Incidents of actual violence have unfolded at the hands of Trump’s followers a number of times throughout his comparatively short time in office, and yet, it remains the migrants attempting to establish a better life for themselves who are the villains to Trump, somehow.

At present, in similar fashion to an event that unfolded earlier this year, a large “caravan” of migrants is making its way through Central America in an attempt to escape violence and death and obtain asylum in the United States. Democrats have nothing to do with this.

Trump would have you believe either that the United States currently suffers from an immigration free-for-all or that the Democrats by and large want to enact such a situation, with “open borders.”

They don’t. Democratic leaders simply want greater respect for the human rights of immigrants — and yet Trump and friends are still lost in their demented fairy tale, cowering in the corner.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot