Trump Tweets Ominous Message Ahead Of Thursday Night Rally


President Donald Trump continues to spend a substantial chunk of his time campaigning for Republican candidates across the United States ahead of the midterms, which will be over in less than one month. This Thursday, he’s in Montana, where he’s stumping for Matt Rosendale, who’s hoping to replace Democrat Jon Tester — who remains ahead of the Republican in most recent polling.

Still, Trump is convinced, apparently, that great developments for the Republican Party are on the horizon, tweeting about a video of some lined up to make it into his Montana rally:

‘Look forward to being there. Something’s happening! #MAGA’

In reality, beyond a handful of U.S. Senate races in environments predisposed to Republicans, little good seems on the horizon for the GOP.

FiveThirtyEight estimates that Democrats will pick up some 39 seats in the U.S. House this November, putting them far above the number of pickups needed to claim a majority. That alone will spell the end of a free ride for much of what Trump could dream up. For instance, spending bills to promote projects like Trump’s long promised U.S./Mexico border wall would probably become little more than a pipe dream. Also, Democrats have already expressed an intention to pick up the pace of investigations into Trump and GOP corruption in the event they do become a majority party in Congress.

The situation would get even worse for the GOP if Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate, which does, to be clear, remain possible. FiveThirtyEight gives them a one in five shot at present. There’s plenty of time for the numbers to shift, and a 20 percent chance is not zero.

So in short, something’s definitely happening — it’s just not what Trump says it is.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot