GOP State A.G. Busted Lying To Bar Association About Criminal Past


For a party that’s doing its best to keep seats in Congress and across the nation, the GOP has a habit of picking some of the worst candidates ever. What’s especially worse is the way they will continue to support their candidates, even when it’s become obvious they’re hiding something from their past.

It’s been revealed that Nevada state attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt hid a previous arrest from 1996 on his application to the Nevada State Bar Association.

As you would expect any application to the bar, for any state, you’re required to include any criminal history in your bar association application. To his credit, Laxalt reported a DUI incident from his teenage years; however, he wanted to split hairs on whether he should have reported an incident back in 1996 in which he possibly assaulted a police officer.

So, young black boys are shot dead on playgrounds for having toy guns that look realistic, but white boy Laxalt gets to be attorney general and possibly the governor of Nevada?

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According to Laxalt, he was being young and dumb, but he understands the implications of his actions.

‘When I was 17, I was at a friend’s house, when police suddenly started to enter and I reacted the wrong way – trying to keep them from coming in and asking for a warrant. Today, as a law enforcement officer, I understand they were just doing their jobs.’

The assault charges were dismissed after he completed a stint in rehab.

He did not divulge the details of the incident on his application to the state bar of Nevada. When asked why he didn’t provide the details, he stated he was not required to do so on his bar application.

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There’s just one problem, though. The director of admissions for the Nevada Bar Association has come out stating Laxalt was required to report the charges. Brian Kunzi commented:

‘The application says you’re obligated to disclose any arrest, citation or conviction. (Applicants) have an obligation to disclose everything because we want to see the circumstances. We want to know these things.’

A member of the Character and Fitness Committee for the state bar, Kevin Kelly, noted the new information could result in an investigation into Laxalt.

‘It can be a big deal. I really don’t want to get into a particular case, but hypothetically, if the bar found an applicant failed to disclose something, I’m guessing they might investigate.’

Since Laxalt wants to tout how he is a law enforcement officer, the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers also chimed in and let it be known the news disturbed them. They had previously endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak.

‘When someone has a history of violence, especially toward officers of the law, it should be a concern for anyone around them. This holds especially true for Nevada’s “top cop” who now wants a promotion to Governor.’

Will this make a difference on election day? As of October 9, Ballotpedia reported an NBC poll showed Laxalt ahead of  Sisolak by four points.

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