Trump Fabricates Riots In California During Saturday Night Rally (VIDEO)


Trump simply loves getting in front of a large crowd of dimwitted supporters. It’s something he got a taste of when he announced his candidacy for the Oval Office seat, and something he continued to do long after winning the 2016 election. Trump’s obsession with rallies is unsettling, especially since he uses the stage to speak damaging, and even dangerous rhetoric.

Saturday night is no different, as Trump speaks before a crowd in Nevada in support of Senator Dean Heller. And apparently, he knows exactly how stupid his crowd is this weekend, because he just told the biggest whopper ever, and got cheered. Trump told the crowd that people living in California are furious over the state’s sanctuary city status, even rioting in revolt of the alleged leniency on refugees and immigrants.

Problem is, that is just not true. Like, at all.

Check him out below:

People on the internet weren’t having it. Check out the hilarious responses to people on YouTube: