50 Year Registered GOP Leader Defects & Makes Major 2018 Dem Endorsement


The state of Kansas is in real financial trouble thanks to voters putting Republicans in the governor’s office. When they elected Sam Brownback to the state’s highest office, it pretty much put the nail in the coffin. In this year’s race, the Republicans are running Kris Kobach against Democrat Laura Kelly for the governor’s seat. Former Kansas Gov. Mike Hayden (R) last week joined the ranks of Kansas Republican leaders endorsing Democrat Laura Kelly over Kobach. Two of the other “big name” Republican leaders who’ve endorsed her are former governor Bill Graves and former Sen. Nancy Kassebaum.

Hayden released a statement to the Kansas City Star and said:

‘After eight years of crisis, we cannot elect someone who wants to repeat the disasters of the past. Kris Kobach has promised to do just that — risking the future of our great state.’

‘This is a critical year for the state of Kansas. No one can sit on the sidelines in this election.’

‘I’ve been a registered Republican for over 50 years. I seldom vote for Democratic candidates, but in this race, I strongly support Laura Kelly.’

Kris Kobach has promised to continue the damage that Sam Brownback started in Kansas. After Brownback won the governor’s seat he promised to use Kansas as the shining example of Republican fiscal policy…and he demonstrated it very well. Once his programs and tax cuts went into effect, the state got themselves into serious financial trouble, and their schools’ systems went down the drain. The state was in so much financial trouble in fact, that they had to resort to selling adult sex toys online to raise money.

Now that Kobach has promised to keep carrying on where Brownback left off, that’s really pissed off a lot of Republicans, so they’re now endorsing his Democratic opponent instead. Hopefully, Laura Kelly wins and can start turning around Kansas for the better. One thing’s perfectly clear…she couldn’t do any worse than the Republicans who put them in the mess they’re in right now.

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