Michael Avenatti Publicly Humiliates Trump With Weekend Message To America


Donald Trump has a penchant for making bold threats against his opponents and anyone he thinks his voting base might want him to “lock up” or unleash “fire and fury” against. In the face of real conflict, however, he has repeatedly backed down.

Months of threats against North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un suddenly became a “we fell in love” story. For all Trump’s talk about being tougher on Russia than any American president in history, he stood next to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and sided with him over our own intelligence agencies. When the Saudi government abducted and killed a Washington Post journalist, Trump shrugged it off, said the journalist wasn’t an American citizen anyway, and that everything is okay because they denied it, too.

The only countries Trump has been really tough on is our allies, not one of whom has much option to fight back. Canada? Trump won’t put up with them “taking advantage” of the U.S. Europe? How dare they not pay their fair share of defense spending for NATO!

As far as his tough pushback against individual people, he reserves all of that for female candidates and sexual assault survivors, journalists and government officials, and even a private citizen who’s no longer running for political office at all, Hillary Clinton.

The Proud Boys, neo-Nazi groups, and Republican governors who illegally physically assault reporters? All of those are “very fine people” and “my guy.”

Just like any other bully, Trump likes to talk tough, puff out his chest, and strut around. In the face of real challenges, he backs down every time.

Twitter agreed with Avenatti that America needs new leadership. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by CDEL Family under a Creative Commons license