GOP’r Says She’ll Lie About 2020 Democratic Nominee Sexually Assaulting Her


Despite the ongoing epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in the United States, some still think it’s all a big joke. You’d hope that those charged with leading young people, who remain plagued by assault at a dramatic rate, would distinguish themselves by taking the issue seriously, but that’s proven not to be the case in one South Carolina school district. Republican member of the Horry County School Board Sherrie Todd posted on Facebook that in 2020, she’d accuse the Democratic presidential nominee of sexual assault out of spite over the credible sexual assault allegations that President Donald Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh faced this year.

Whether when the next U.S. presidential election actually rolled around, Todd would have exerted that much effort remains an open question. However, just the suggestion that sexual assault isn’t that serious after all and should be treated accordingly set some concerned local interests off for obvious reasons.

Grand Strand Action Together’s Lorraine Woodward commented:

‘Imagine being a teenage girl or guy being sexually assaulted and then see a post making fun of your situation.’

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center explains that before the age of 18, an estimated one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused in the United States. Part of Todd’s charge in her presently held position is to look out for these people — and she thinks it’s trivial enough to “joke” that she’d prepare fake accusations against a candidate for national office.

She hasn’t even admitted to the facts of the situation, though, claiming without any apparent evidence that she was hacked — perhaps she thinks hacking allegations are a joke too. The right has long enjoyed beating the long dead horse of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, after all.

At present, she’s still in her public office, but that could soon change, if those pushing for her ouster have their way.

The Horry County Alliance for Educational Justice’s Dameion Fowler asserted:

‘Personal responsibility and accountability is supposed to be for everyone. If you’re going to teach it, if you’re going to preach it, you better practice what you preach.’

It’s not as though the original contentious comment that by all appearances is hers is even based in reality.

A going line from the right remains that it’s a difficult time for young men in America right now because of supposed false sexual assault allegations, as the president put it.

In reality, however, statistical studies of the prevalence of false sexual assault reports place them at a level lower than common margins of error. For instance, for every two to five supposedly false reports, according to data from the NSVRC, there are some 95 true reports.

Besides, for a report to be false, it first has to be shared. A large number of sexual assaults are never reported at all, meaning that compared to actual assaults, the rate of false reports is minuscule.

For Republicans to indicate belief otherwise is for them to willingly disconnect themselves from reality, again.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot