Trump Calls The Middle East ‘A Nasty Place’ & Gets Bombarded Immediately


Donald Trump has a bad habit of saying stupid things, such as his “water is wet” comment, and that most people “don’t know Lincoln was a Republican.” Today he said something else stupid. At a press conference, he referred to the middle east as “a nasty part of the world.” Here we go again…why didn’t he just call the area a sh*thole part of the world like he did the countries in Africa? It must be his white nationalist tendencies coming out.

His comments came amid a growing crisis after the Saudis “allegedly” killed American resident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Turkish officials say Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul earlier this month. His death led to calls from both parties in Congress to condemn Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and end the weapons sale Trump is trying so hard to push through.

While discussing the crisis Trump, tried his best to pull the focus off of Saudi Arabia and put it on Iran instead. He said:

‘and if you look at the other side, Iran, you look at what they’ve done to people, vicious, horrible.

‘And that’s no excuse for what happened with Saudi Arabia. No excuse whatsoever. But you take a look, it’s a rough part of the world. It’s a nasty place. It’s a nasty part of the world.’

He also said that if Saudi Arabia is found guilty of the murder and coverup of Khashoggi then that’s a very bad thing. Then he turned around and defended the Saudis and tried his best to justify why we should still do business with them. He said the reason we need them is that they help us out with Israel.

Well isn’t that just grand? Just because they help us out with Israel he has no problem overlooking the fact that the Saudis murdered a journalist who happens to live in the United States. Trump simply has no class or decorum. No American president should overlook the killing of one of their residents. I guess to him the murder of a journalist is not big deal considering he thinks of them as enemies of the people.

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