Trump Retweets Beirut Massacre Remembrance & Instantly Regrets It


Thirty-five years ago today, two suicide bombers who were part of the terrorist group Hezbollah, attacked multi-national peacekeepers in Beirut killing close to 300 soldiers — 243 Americans, and 50 French — and injuring at least 6 civilians. Out of the 243 American soldiers killed, 220 of those were U.S. Marines. This was the largest loss of life for the Marine Corps in one day since Iwo Jima.

Earlier today, the Department of Defense tweeted out a memorial message for the group of fallen soldiers, and of course, our illustrious “president” had to jump on that bandwagon and retweet it as if he even cared or knew anything about it, to begin with.

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Normally I wouldn’t presume to suggest that a president was ignorant of something of such historical and emotional significance, but based on this particular man’s record and seeming lack of intelligence in most subject matters, I’m pretty comfortable suggesting that he probably didn’t know about this event until the moment he saw that DOD tweet. The fact that he has made no comment about it publicly and had no message of his own to add to this tweet pretty much speaks for itself, and this was not lost on the Twitterverse.

Here are some of the responses:

Other Twitter responses remind us of the irony of this tweet, considering that right now — because of the U.S.’ relationship with Saudi Arabia (selling them weapons, etc…) THIS is happening in Yemen right now:

And, perhaps the most poignant:

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