BREAKING: Explosive Device Found At Hillary Clinton’s Home


Hillary Clinton is a person that Republicans simply cannot stop talking about. She is in line with the more questionable Democrats, but she is still far less volatile and untrustworthy than the current president. That doesn’t stop The Donald from chanting “lock her up” with his rally crowds, further demonizing the former Secretary of State in a way that no American leader has ever done to his opponent.

Now, things have gone way too far. According to early reports Wednesday morning, the Clintons were targeted, just like George Soros, with a bomb that was mailed to their home.

According to NBC New York:

“Two senior law enforcement officials say a suspicious package was found at the Chappaqua home of Hillary and Bill Clinton Wednesday, and the concern is that the package is similar to the bomb found in the mailbox of billionaire philanthropist George Soros’ home in the same county days earlier.”

“Few other details were immediately available Wednesday. Local police confirmed the package was found in the morning; New Castle Lt. James Carroll said New Castle Police were assisting the FBI and U.S. Secret Service in the investigation.”

Sorors was targeted just days ago with a similar pipe-bomb style explosive, which was found by an employee in Soros’ mailbox. Soros’ team had this to say about the attack:

“In this climate of fear, falsehoods, and rising authoritarianism, just voicing your views can draw death threats. George Soros deplores violence of any kind, and urges politicians across the political spectrum to tone down their rhetoric. Words have consequences, and we bear a collective responsibility to create a more civil way to discuss our political differences. Respect for a diversity of opinions is fundamental to open society and that is the work that George Soros has devoted his life to. Our politics should be more about what we’re for than who we hate.”