Police Officers Under Fire After Extremely Violent Arrest Caught On Video


In Trump’s America, the hatefuls feel they have free reign to let their inner evil out, and while history will not remember these people fondly, they certainly are enjoying their 15 minutes of societal acceptance to act like a complete and utter ass in public. Violence at the hands of police officers is a common thing in today’s America, as cops seen to shoot first and investigate later.

Perfect examples are the officer’s caught below on a now viral video:


According to the tweet above, police officers located in Akron, Ohio beat the hell out of a man who was “doing nothing but walking,” say witnesses.

An article from Huff Post reports that:

“The clip shows two officers struggling to pin Patrick King face-down on his stomach and using a stun gun on him. More officers soon arrive. One male officer straddles King’s legs and punches him at least 30 times with both fists. By the end of the video, almost a dozen officers were involved.”

In the audio, you can hear bystanders shouting at police as they wail on King, saying things like, “Why ya’ll tasing him?” “Stop beating him like that!” and “That’s why people are scared of the police.”

The report continues:

“King said he had been chatting with a friend in his front yard when he was suddenly confronted by police. He admitted to lying to the officers about his identity, but said he hadn’t been doing anything wrong at the time.

“They wanted to handcuff me and I didn’t want to be handcuffed and I said, ‘What for? What for?’ And, they got one handcuff on me and then threw me to the ground. I hope you never get in that situation, but it seems like it’s become more and more of a police state.

Akron police have now begun an investigation into themselves. Deputy Police Chief Jesse Lesser said this:

“When the officers got one handcuff on him, he began fighting with them,” Leeser said, noting that King is 6-foot 4 and 220 pounds. “This was a very dangerous situation.”

The deputy chief says that the officers had no choice but to repeatedly punch the man because he was large and struggling with officers who King says targeted him for no reason. The neighbor agrees with the victim that police went “too far.”

“It was so messed up. He had grass and dirt in his mouth. There was blood running from his mouth.”

The police chief defended the officers, saying that sometimes brutality of this nature is necessary:

“We’re trained on how to use strikes, because sometimes you do have to throw punches. This wasn’t blows to the face or blows to the throat. These were blows to areas that aren’t going to cause real damage. The goal of these interactions is to end it as safely and as quickly as possible.”

The responses to the tweet above were pretty much what you’d expect from concerned citizens. We saved the best ones for you below: