Trump Addresses Nation Over Attempt On Obama’s Life & It’s Pathetic (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is doing what everyone expected him to do this morning, as he addresses the nation to make a statement on the multiple explosive devices sent to Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, and George Soros. Trump sent out a halfhearted tweet Wednesday morning after news broke, and his lack of effort really struck a chord in people across the country.

The President of the United States simply does not care that an attempt was made on the life of a former president and secretary of state.¬†After much backlash, the president has now decided to speak on camera, and boy was it painful. Check out the fumbling message below via Trump’s Twitter page:

After scouring the internet, we also found this compilation of every time the president incited violence:

The reactions to Trump’s video tweet were exactly what you would think they’d be, and we saved the best ones for you below: