Trump Tweets 3-Word Response To Bombs Sent To Obama, Hillary, & CNN


Wednesday morning saw an insane number of events in the political world, including an apology from NBC Host Megyn Kelly for defending the use of blackface. Yes, that really happened. But what really rocked the nation was an attempt on the lives of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as anyone unlucky enough to be at CNN headquarters this morning.

Just two days after a bomb was detonated at liberal billionaire George Soros’ home, Secret Service, FBI, and local police intervened in two different instances. An explosive device was found at Hillary Clinton’s residence, and Secret Service stopped a package from reaching the Obama home early today.

Now, the president has decided to speak out about the incidents, but he literally said three words. Trump retweeted this post from VP Mike Pence just now:


Couldn’t even come up with a paragraph of his own after someone tried to kill an ex-president and former secretary of state? We all know he was thrilled to learn that his followers are actually listening to the hatred he spews about every single entity who received a mysterious package.

People responding to this tweet were equally as outraged at the president’s response, or lack thereof. We captured a bunch of the comments for you below: