Andrew Gillum Stares Down Ron DeSantis & Humiliates Him On Camera In Front Of America


For days now, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running for the Florida Governor’s seat left open by Rick Scott, has dealt with blow after nasty blow from his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis. The attack ads and right-wing media coverage in support of DeSantis have been just downright disgusting.

The viciousness and the outright racist way that DeSantis and his campaign are treating Gillum is unacceptable, and it appears that it has finally taken its toll, because, during tonight’s debate between the two candidates, Gillum shut down DeSantis in the most awesome way possible.

DeSantis has been hounding Gillum now for days over a pair of tickets to the hugely popular Broadway musical Hamilton that had been purchased for him by a former friend. During the debate Gillum said:

‘I did go and see “Hamilton.”‘

Gillum went on to explain that the tickets were in exchange for a pair of Beyonce’ and Jay Z tickets. He was given the tickets by his brother but admits that he should have done his “due diligence” as far as the tickets origins were concerned. Gillum said:

‘I was informed by my brother, at the time, that he had given Adam Corey tickets to a Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert of which I understand they took later,” Gillum said, “and I understood that to have solved whatever the issue was to the expenses associated with it.’

After restating that he knows he was wrong not to double-check the origin of the tickets, Gillum points out what should by now be obvious to everyone — Hamilton is not important! The state of Florida should be the focus. Taking a note from Jay Z, Gillum said:

‘In the state of Florida, we got a lot of issues. In fact, we got 99 issues and ‘Hamilton’ ain’t one of them.’

The crowd went wild! Watch below:

Featured image via YouTube