BREAKING: CNN/Time Warner Building Evacuated In Thursday Night Bomb Scare


On Wednesday, the building that houses CNN’s studio in New York City, Time Warner Mall, was sent one of several explosives mailed out to Democratic lawmakers, former presidents, and anti-Trump celebrities. On Friday, the studio is being evacuated once again.

Business Insider reports:

‘A “pair of unattended packages” on Thursday evening prompted the evacuation of some areas inside the Time Warner Center Mall, the location of CNN’s studios in New York City, according to the NYPD.

‘The New York Police Department is investigating.’

The packages follow news on Thursday that former CIA Director John Brennan was sent a package that contained an explosive and some amount of a suspicious white powder.

‘On Wednesday, a courier dropped off a package containing a suspicious device to at CNN’s New York office. The package was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan, who has appeared on CNN and MSNBC as a contributor.

‘An envelope containing white powder was reportedly also found with the device, according to NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill.’

More details are still yet to come as information is made available.