Megyn Kelly Dropped From Talent Agency – Hires Lawyer To Prep Fight With NBC


Two days ago, Megyn Kelly made the colossal mistake of defending the use of blackface during the Halloween season. This after saying that it was perfectly acceptable when she was younger, and so she didn’t see the problem with it because the point of Halloween is to dress up as something other than yourself.

Without thinking her statement through, Megyn rattled on with a shocked look on her face for minutes, and the retaliation for her words began before she was even finished with her rant.

Immediately, people on various social media outlets began calling for a boycott of NBC unless Kelly was fired.

Kelly publicly apologized for her remarks, but the damage was done, and people did not want to hear it. Al Roker said this about Kelly’s apology:

“The fact is, while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country, because this is a history, going back to the 1830s minstrel shows, to demean and denigrate a race,”

Now, Kelly has received some really bad news. Her talent agency just dumped her, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Megyn Kelly’s team of representatives has undergone some major changes in the wake of her controversial comments about wearing blackface.”

“CAA is no longer working with Kelly, The Hollywood Reporter learned on Wednesday. CAA declined to give a reason for the split, but a source says the Megyn Kelly Today host sought new representation because the agency also reps NBC News president Noah Oppenheim.”

The report continues:

“To replace CAA, UTA co-president Jay Sures had been in talks to sign Kelly and had been courting her before Tuesday’s blackface backlash, in which Kelly said on her 9 a.m. show that she didn’t understand why people couldn’t wear blackface on Halloween. Sures is said to have backed out of representing Kelly on Wednesday amid the controversy. A source close to the situation says Sures’ decision came after he made at least one call to NBC News president Noah Oppenheim and had set a meeting with NBC for Friday on Kelly’s behalf.”

“Then later on Wednesday, Kelly hired attorney Bryan Freedman, one of Hollywood’s top talent-side litigators. The move is a sign that she is gearing up for a fight with NBC that could lead to her exit. She will not appear on the Thursday or Friday episodes of her show, according to sources.”