Chuck Todd Makes Mail Bombs From Russia Announcement Live On TV(VIDEO)


The conspiracy theories circling around about the explosive devices being mailed to people who just happen to disagree with Donald Trump are getting crazier and crazier as the days pass. So far, packages have been sent to CNN and at least 10 people, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, and the FBI warns that more might be out there.

Our so-called “president” isn’t helping matters either, as he has publicly stated that he blames the media for these terrorist attempts.

And now, adding fuel to Trump’s fire, we have a member of the media spreading conspiracy theories of his own. You’d think that after the Dotard-in-Chief himself BLAMED the media, the media would just keep their opinions to themselves, but no… MSNBC’s Chuck Todd actually went on the air tonight and blamed — wait for it — THE RUSSIANS.

His exact words were:

‘I have this fear that it could be some Russian operation too, in designed to do what’s happening now.’

Yes. He actually said that. Watch:

It’s bad enough that we’ve got people from all over (including Fox News) spreading conspiracy theories that Democrats are to blame in order to boost their votes at the polls, and now Chuck Todd wants to go live on the air and say that it’s Russia’s fault just like it was their fault in the 2016 election?

I’ve never considered Chuck Todd to be the brightest bulb in the box, but you’d think that especially since there is a very important investigation going on to hopefully prove collusion on the part of the Russian government and Trump’s campaign, that he would keep RUSSIA out of his mouth about these most recent terrorist attempts. All he is doing, besides making himself look ridiculous, is taking away from the Mueller investigation by giving Trump more ammunition to make his followers believe that this the investigation is ridiculous in the first place, and it also helps Trump with more talking points about how “Fake” the media is. Most importantly, Chuck is not helping the FBI and other investigators with finding out who is really sending these bombs, and that is very dangerous.

If Chuck Todd wants to prove Trump wrong and show the world that the liberal media is not full of lies and slanted opinions, he really should keep his opinions to himself, keep his mouth shut, and focus on the facts. Not smart Chuck. Not smart at all!

Featured image via screenshot.