House Majority Leader Deletes Anti-Jew Tweet After Synagogue Massacre


Do none of the Republicans have any shame? First, a raging Donald Trump follower sent bombs to 14 Democrats and/or critics of the president. One of those was top financial supporter George Soros, and he happens to be Jewish, thus very impacted by the synagogue massacre. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a disgusting tweet that tried to hit Soros hard.

McCarthy post his tweet after both the bomb was delivered to Soros’ home and the Jewish synagogue mass shooting that killed 11 people and severely injured six others. A quick-thinking Twitter follower posted McCarthy’s tweet online:

‘Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy posted this tweet AFTER a bomb was sent to Soros’ house. Up until a couple of minutes ago it was pinned to the top of his profile.

‘We cannot allow Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this election! Get out and vote Republican November 6th. #MAGA’

McCarthy’s criticism of the major Democratic donors and billionaires¬† “Soros, (Tom) Steyer, and (former mayor of New York City Michael) Bloomberg” followed the negative Republican party line. It was not as if the GOP does not have its own billionaire donors who have been doing their best to “BUY this election.” According to The Atlantic¬†these include: Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, and the list goes on.

One might ask, what about the mega-billionaire Koch brothers? That has been an interesting situation. At the beginning of 2018, Charles and David Koch pledged almost $400 in the midterm elections. Yet, that pledge has gone over a cliff.

Charles Koch has taken over since his brother David stepped down. Apparently, his brother has health issues. Now in charge of the family fortune, Charles Koch is the eighth richest man in the world, and he has made clear his “already-rocky relationship with Trump has grown rougher.”

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.