Major Virginia Newspaper Endorses Hillary VP Pick Over A Trumper – GOP Spirals


A lot of conservative newspapers throughout the country are going against their normal stance and endorsing the Democratic candidates this election year. It’s easy for them to see that the Republican candidates don’t stand for American ideals any longer. Yesterday, the conservative-leaning Richmond-Times Dispatch gave their endorsement and it certainly wasn’t for Trump ally Corey Stewart. Instead, they put their support behind Democratic incumbent Tim Kaine saying that he “remains a voice of reason” and that:

‘He’s not always right but he is — except when running for vice president — almost always knowledgeable, persuasive, and respectful. He listens, a skill not mastered by all of his colleagues in the Senate.’

Their praise didn’t stop there either. They went on to say that Kaine is a:

‘fierce partisan whose temperament could make him a leader if Washington ever decides to conduct an experiment in expanding bipartisan compromise.’

With support like that it’s no wonder why Kaine has such a huge lead on Stewart in the polls. The latest one by Real Clear Politics has him leading by double digits. The newspaper also said that Kaine is a:

‘natural-born legislator who seems to revel in the essential details of public policy creation. He is conversant in the art of the pretty good deal. We’d like to see him deploy his exceptionalism more aggressively in pursuit of a less imperfect union, especially in Congress.’

Wow, you can’t get a better endorsement than that, especially from a conservative newspaper. This election cycle is coming down to whether or not people like Donald Trump and his abusive rhetoric, and with a disapproval rate nearing 60 percent it’s obvious that he’s bringing the party as a whole down. Hopefully, Trump will be the reason we have a Big Blue Wave in a week and a half.

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