Sanders Attacks WaPo For Doing Their Job – Reporters Explain How Journalism Works


You can always count on members of the Trump administration to be confused very easily. None of them seem to know how our government works, or how anything works for that matter. Today the Washington Post reported on the ties between Donald Trump and the recent high-profile attacks against a Pittsburgh synagogue and major Democratic figures, who were sent mail bombs that failed to detonate this week. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took exception with their report and blasted away at them on Twitter.

Peter Baker, a reporter with the New York Times, had to point out to Sanders that it wasn’t an attack on Trump, it was simply journalism, saying “we don’t just quote the people in power but the people who disagree with the people in power.”

Then Maggie Haberman, another journalist with the Times, jumped in the fray too letting Sanders know that the bomber had Trump/MAGA stickers and photos all over his van.

To be certain Sanders should have some idea as to how the press works…most people with common sense do. What Sanders is trying to do here is make excuses to draw away some of the very real, very well deserved criticism her boss deserves. Trump’s been attacking the media from the very first day he announced that he was going to run for president.

He knew that he couldn’t stand by his abysmal business record, so instead of trying to explain why he was such a bad person, he decided to attack the media instead to label them as “fake news.” Well, those attacks aren’t going to work. Trump and Sanders can’t stand that the media report the facts about how they’re handling things, so today’s attack on the press is nothing new. It’s just a dirty trick to draw away the public’s attention.

Check out a few of these Twitter responses to see how the rest of the country feels about Sanders and Trump.

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