Restaurant Owner Confronts Trump Supporting Customer Like A Boss


You’d think that Trump supporters got a manual on how to cause the most ruckus possible thanks to how they keep popping up causing a stir across the United States. In Arizona recently — at the River Run Bar in Ehrenberg, to be exact — a woman proudly sporting a red Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat seemingly attempted to order and/or pay for something when she was rebuffed thanks to her choice of attire. Although available video doesn’t capture the full interaction, she erupted into a lengthy rage after being asked to (seemingly) leave or remove the hat.

The apparent owner told her:

‘I don’t want that hat on. This is my place… You’re not free to wear it in my place, because this is a private place. I have a right to refuse service to you.’

There’s another man audible in the video trying to calm the woman in question down, pointing out that the owner was correct that he could refuse service to her, but she wasn’t exactly keen on listening.

In available video, she yells:

‘I love Trump!.. I love this country. I live in this country. I love this country.’

Watch below.

The latter part of that comment came after someone who seemingly works at the bar pointed out the irony of the woman’s Trump support in light of her Spanish accent.

President Donald Trump has been no friend to members of minority communities. He literally rose to national prominence in large part via claiming without evidence that populations of Mexican immigrants to the United States harbor large numbers of rapists and other sorts of criminals.

He’s still, at present, on that same kick too. With the present approach of a migrant “caravan” from Central America, Trump has kicked off new rounds of rhetoric about the supposed threat posed by immigration. He’s claimed — without evidence — that there are terrorists hidden among immigrants, for instance, and he’s overall cast the caravan as an “invasion.”

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To that end, thousands of active duty troops have been deployed to the U.S. border with Mexico, months after the National Guard was sent down there. There’s also been talk about the administration doing away with birthright citizenship and closing off the southern border to people seeking asylum altogether.

Yet, in the midst of this crisis, the woman in the above video thinks the best use of her political energy is to stand in a bar in Arizona and yell about how Donald Trump is supposedly going to win re-election in 2020.

She’s hardly the first Trump supporter to end up in a similarly eyecatching incident.

Earlier this year, for instance, a man swiped a teenager’s hat at a Texas fast food establishment and threw a drink in his face, attracting the attention of the highest levels of Trump World. That man was eventually booked into jail on a theft charge.

The tension continues to boil over as the nation prepares for the midterms, which will conclude in just about one week. Democrats are expected to become the majority party in the U.S. House, while many other outcomes remain much less certain.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video