Synagogue Hit By Vandals Who Leave A Sickening Message Behind


Donald Trump stood on a stage at one of his rallies last week and finally admitted that he’s a white nationalist. Since his admission, we’ve had the worst crime against Jewish Americans in our nation’s history and apparently, others are feeling that’s it’s okay to openly spread their hateful message, too. Take what happened in an Irvine, CA. synagogue for example. Because of Trump, some white nationalist felt free to spray paint the words “f–k Jews” on the side of the Beth Jacob Congregation of Irvine synagogue.

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Orange County Jewish Life Magazine announced the hateful crime today on their Facebook page.

‘I’m very sorry to report that last night Beth Jacob was a target of a cowardly act by an individual who spray-painted an anti-Semitic message on the front wall of our synagogue facing Michelson Drive.’

Their post said that security footage from the synagogue shows an individual wearing a hoodie, sunglasses and a surgical facemask, jump the fence to enter the premises, where they spray-painted the message on the synagogue’s outer wall. The piece of crap criminal also reportedly stole a bicycle from the synagogue’s grounds.

The magazine’s post went on to say:

‘We are continuing to do everything we can to make our campus more secure, and we will continue to promote the message that we are stronger than hate.’

That was probably a little dig at Trump who last week blamed the synagogue in Pittsburgh for the shooting that happened there. He had the audacity to say that the massacre could have been avoided if the synagogue had armed guards on the premises. Does anyone think that Trump would say the same thing if a Christian church had been shot up? No, he wouldn’t expect a Christian church to have armed guards. So why does he expect Jewish synagogues to keep armed guards handy while their parishioners attend services?

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