Kansas City’s Prestigious Newspaper Makes Game Changing 2018 Endorsement


Kansas knows what happens when fringe elements take over in the government. After the economic collapse following Tea Party Governor Sam Brownback from 2010 to 2018. voters there are reluctant to embrace another Republican with similar policies or ones who back the same policies at a national level.

Kris Kobach, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, has backed Trump’s tax cuts and proposed a similar plan as governor of Kansas. The Kansas City Star reminded their readers on Thursday what that has looked like for the state so far.

‘The election of Republican Kris Kobach would be an inexplicable step backwards and a bitter rerun of the Brownback years that proved so devastating to state services, not to mention Kansas’ reputation. Kobach improbably seeks to do two things at once: cut taxes and halt the ongoing raids of the state highway fund. That tactic that has been used to balance the state budget and has cost the highway fund billions of dollars.’

Democratic Senator Laura Kelly has a plan to get Kansas back on track, one that doesn’t involve the same tax cuts that got the state into the mess they’re in today.

‘Kansas voters face a dramatic contrast in their choices for governor this year. But in an election that’s as consequential as any in decades, Democrat Laura Kelly offers the most promising path forward.

‘Kansas is looking at a long haul as the state struggles to emerge from former Gov. Sam Brownback’s misguided tax policies that set us back at least a generation. But Kelly has laid out an agenda to repair much of the damage with a practical, yet determined plan to restore Kansas’ promise.’

Newspapers all over the country have been backing Democratic candidates for the midterms at a time when the Republican party has changed so much it barely resembles its former pre-Tea Party, pre-birtherism self.

Kelly’s plan to rescue state services, according to The Star, makes far more sense.

‘Kelly, a four-term state senator representing a Topeka district that stretches into the countryside, pledges to expand Medicaid, boost spending on public schools to satisfy a state Supreme Court order and bolster support for child protective services.

‘She would get back to the business of completing highway projects, and she promises to cut the state’s punitive 6.5 percent sales tax on groceries — long a blemish on the Kansas landscape.’

The race between Kelly and Kobach is currently in a dead heat according to polls.

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