Tallahassee Mayor Gillum Responds To ‘Hot Yoga’ Shooting Like A Real Leader


Friday night saw bloodshed at a Tallahassee, Florida yoga studio in what appears to be a domestic dispute turned deadly. According to reports, a man walked into the studio, opened fire, then killed himself. Two people were left dead with multiple others in critical condition at local hospitals.

Now, the mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, has dropped his campaign for governor, and headed straight back to his stomping grounds to be of support to his constituents during this hard time.

Today, Gillum was in Miami with President Obama for a rally, so before his long drive back to Tallahassee, Gillum wanted to lend some immediate comfort to the people of Tallahassee. Gillum released the following statement via his Twitter account:

Gillum’s devotion to the people is exactly what has him up in the polls, and what led to confrontations against his opponent like the one below:

The responses to Gillum’s tweet are exactly what you would think a good leader like Gillum would receive. Unlike the president, his remarks, especially on tragedies, cannot even be compared to that of Donald Trump’s.

We saved the best reactions to Gillum’s tweet for your viewing pleasure below: