Don Jr. Tweets Racist Election Message & Gets The Backlash He Deserves


Don Jr. is becoming as desperate as his father to hold on to whatever may be left of the Trump family’s days in office. We’ve seen his father stoop pretty low to divide this country, but in a tweet this morning, Don Jr. just proved he may be even worse than Trump himself, and his tweet is pretty terrifying — it’s exactly the reason these “white genocide” conspiracy theories are floating around and are motivating people like Robert Bowers to gun down a synagogue full of people, leaving 11 dead, including a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor.

In an attack against the Independent Angus King of Maine, Junior tweeted:

This is an obvious attempt to scare those familiar with conspiracy theories from the likes of Neo-Nazi David Lane into believing that socialists and Jews are plotting to take over the white race and destroy it by integrating non-white people. You know, like the Syrian and Somalian refugees that Junior mentioned above in his tweet.

Writer Talia Lavin points out how this tracks, below:

As you might expect, Junior’s tweet was not well received. Some of the responses were scathing!

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. It’s time to vote and get these racists out of the White House once and for all.

Featured image via YouTube.