Republican Campaign Worked Threatens To Kill Liberals & Gets Arrested Like A Derp


It’s no surprise that the midterm elections have, so far, been a tumultuous process, but no one could have expected the encounter that took place in Houston, Texas between campaign staffers.

Jose Ramon, a campaign staffer for Texas’s GOP Harris County Commissioner candidate Jack Morman, was arrested after threatening Ruby Ramirez and Karen Wolfe, campaign staffers for Morman’s opponent, Adrian Garcia.

According to the two victims, Ramon approached them with a cell phone outside while they were sitting on a bench. He thrust the phone toward him as it played a video, which he said showed someone slashing a Morman campaign sign.

‘Who is this? Who is this? He works with you.’

The incident then turned threatening, according to Ramirez.

‘And then, that’s when he pulled out his knife and I was stunned. I said, “Would you please put that back in your pocket, you’re threatening us,” and I said, “You just need to leave us alone.”

Apparently, Ramon complied by putting the knife back in his pocket, but then pulled out a screwdriver and pointed it toward the two women. That’s when Ramirez called the police.

Ramon says the women are twisting the story. According to him, he was confronted at the park where he was putting on Morman campaign signs. Someone that Ramon says was a Garcia staffer asked him why he was supporting Morman. Ramon left for lunch and when he returned, he says, the police were waiting for him. He and the Morman campaign insist this was a false report and that they have videos of Garcia staffers threatening Morman staffers with scissors.

Ramon, however, was the person police determined was a threat. He was released on bond shortly after being booked.

Featured image via video