Rogue Cameraman Catches Trump On Video Getting Lost & It’s Humiliating (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has made a fool of himself in public so many times that the media now looks like they’re just picking on him with constant reports of derp moves from our commander in chief. That’s one reason he gets away with crying fake news, because he is such a walking disaster, that almost every single day, there is something he’s done that is just awkward, rude, or makes no sense at all.

One thing that is seriously lacking is Trump’s sense of direction. More than once has he gotten turned around or confused as to where he was supposed to be going. This new viral video on Twitter is a perfect example of just how stupid the president is:

People on Twitter agree that this is the dumbest leader we’ve ever had, and their comments on the tweet above speak volumes as to the confidence level people have in the president. We saved the best reactions for you below: