Trump Snaps & Humiliates Himself On Video During Sunday Night Rally Meltdown


Trump appeared at a campaign rally for Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn on Sunday night, and in just the first few minutes, packed lie on top of lie into his speech. The crowd cheered and screamed for every one of them.

The president promised that Democrats want to “eliminate Medicare for half a million seniors in Tennessee” but that “Republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.” Blackburn has tried multiple times to help repeal the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature healthcare bill, which eliminated insurance providers’ right to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

He then moved to telling the crowd that Democrats want to give illegal immigrants welfare, healthcare, education, and the right to vote, despite reports that immigrants are bringing in “nearly 100 percent of the heroin” as well as “90 percent of cocaine,” and “nearly all of the meth” to our country. He never mentioned that those smuggling drugs into the country don’t want to stay permanently.

He also bragged that ICE has arrested and deported immigrants who committed “48,000 assaults, 12,000 sex crimes, and 1,800 murders.” Whether or not any of that is true doesn’t matter. Trump’s fans are happy to cheer for hatred against brown people.

Perhaps his funniest lies came during his accusations that Democrats want to “restore power” to a “ruling class” that “only cares about themselves.” Perhaps he’s forgotten about the tax cut bill that gave massive tax breaks to the top one percent, including himself, and next to nothing for the middle class. That middle class tax bill he promised by November 1 has never happened and won’t with Congress not in session.

It’s the same stale lies he’s told since his campaign days and fact checks have neither slowed him down nor convinced his fans that they’re being lied to. Facts are biased toward the liberals.

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