Fox News Delivers Huge Blow To Trump In Wake Of Caravan Hate Backlash


Pressure from advertisers? Or does Fox News’ Marianne Gambelli actually believe that a, now-defunct ad was “insensitive?” By now, you have probably seen the ad of which I’m referring to. If not, no worries. Here it is, thanks Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account:

Fox has finally cut the advertisement out of rotation after numerous other television stations have stopped airing it. Fox is just the latest to give the ad the axe, after it was reported that NBC and Facebook had abandoned it.Aside from the advertisement being completely ridiculous and receiving backlash from well, almost everyone (Example One, example two, example three, you get the point), it’s just historically devoid of the facts; there is no proof that the immigrants on their way to the US-Mexico border are even headed to this country to seek asylum. There is no proof that these immigrants are “Middle Easterners,” nor that they are connected to the Islamic State (ISIS). Lastly, there is also no proof that these immigrants are doing attempting to do nothing other than live a more peaceful and prosperous life (which, they are completely entitled to do, so long as they don’t break any of our laws in the process).

Once Trump was outed in this debacle (the first time), he admitted like a fool that there is no proof that there are “Middle Easterners” within the caravan.

…yes, “The Donald.” There could very well be.

There also could “very well be” shapeshifters occupying your current administration, disguised as actual politicians.

In an article by The Hill, Emily Birnbaum states:

‘Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler gave Trump “four Pinocchios” for a claim in the ad that Democrats brought Bracamontes back into the country.

‘A review of court records by the Post reveals his case was handled primarily by Republicans.’

Over on CNN, they point out the obvious which is that this advertisement contains brash racially-charged falsehoods and is, as a result racist. CNN also declined to play the advertisement on air, despite being offered to get paid for airing it.

Three hours ago, when Trump was asked about this particular advertisement and it’s complete failure, he said:

‘We have a lot of ads. And they certainly are effective, based on the numbers that we’re seeing’

Like the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig.

Featured Image via Twitter.