Lindsey Graham Gets Roasted On Twitter After Tweeting Outright Lies & It’s Great


With the midterm elections less than a day away, Republicans have been coming up with every lie possible in order to pick up votes wherever they can. Especially, with the House at stake, the GOP is desperately making their final attempts for support no matter what has to be said.

On Monday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a lie-filled Tweet slamming former President Obama’s job numbers and comparing them to Trump’s, giving a completely false picture, and now he is getting destroyed on Twitter.

He tweeted:

‘If @BarackObama’s jobs numbers were anywhere close to what we’re talking about with President @realDonaldTrump……the media would stop the Earth from rotating to make sure everybody heard about it!’

Here’s what Twitter had to say to Graham:

The actual facts are that during the last 21 months of Obama’s presidency the U.S. economy created  4,477,000 new jobs. During Mr. Trump’s first 20 months as presidency, he presided over an economy that grew by 4,054,000. According to writer Peter Baker from The New York Times:

‘Job creation is no better now than it was under Obama. What is striking is that the recovery continues so long after it started.’

Trump has spent his entire presidency though trying to undo anything that Obama could be credited with. What is also inherent in those facts, is that Trump inherited the economy Obama created, and although he would like for Americans to believe everything is great about the economy at present, this country is in danger of a horrible recession due to the trade war he has escalated with China, Canada, and Mexico.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube