Sanders & Conway Show Up At Monday Trump Rally To Disgrace Entire Female Race


November 6th is election day, and Trump is getting desperate to do everything he can to keep control of his White House. He’s absolutely TERRIFIED of losing the House as well as seats in the Senate, which could be very possible in a few key states like Florida and Texas, where polls have candidates running almost dead even.

News outlets all over are trying to keep a lid on their beliefs as to who will win — after 2016, I don’t think anyone wants to get their hopes up too early and make the mistake of making people believe they don’t need to go to the polls.

This year the voter turnout has been amazing, though, and Trump is running scared because after tomorrow, the White House as he knows it could change dramatically. He has been all over his Twitter page today to the point of lunacy (more so than usual) and tonight at one of his “I’m awesome and you need to do as I say” rallies, he threw ethics to the wind and invited his own staff on stage.

At his rally in Ft. Wayne, IN tonight, Trump invited Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders to the stage where they kissed up to their boss and pleaded with the crowd to run to the polls Tuesday and vote for Mike Braun (R). Sara Sanders, with a more than obvious dig to the press, stood on stage and said:

‘Thank you Indiana. You’ll have to forgive Kellyanne and I, we’re maybe a little speechless. We’re not used to friendly crowds.’

She went on to say that serving the “President” has been “one of the greatest honors” of her lifetime.

Incidentally, in an effort to avoid getting her beloved Trump in trouble, Sanders didn’t speak Mike Braun’s name or mention her own White House title — Sanders knows full well that there’s a Federal Law that forbids White House employees from campaigning for candidates in their official capacities.

Kellyanne, on the other hand, did not hold back from attacking Mike Braun’s opponent, Joe Donnelly (D-Ind), but she made sure that it was clear she was doing it in a “personal capacity” and not as a W.H. employee.

‘”Let me just say in my personal capacity, because this election is very personal to me, Joe must go,” Conway said. “Get him out.”‘


This possible Federal crime did not go unnoticed by the Twitterverse. Here are some of their responses:

We like that suggestion above: “Would someone please ask George Conway for an opinion on the Hatch Act. He’s busy babysitting, again, but I suspect he’ll answer the call.”

Featured image via Twitter.