Trump Flips Out On Reporters When Asked About Racist Ad Being Banned


Donald Trump has no love for reporters. Instead he calls them enemies of the people — with the exception of Fox News. During his rallies after he has ramped up his followers, the president points to the back of the room where the media has set up to cover him, and berates them. Then, there was the rally where he mimicked a congressman body-slamming a reporter, but this is the real problem.

POTUS likes Fox host, Sean Hannity, to flatter him. That has not traditionally been the job of the media. Their job has always been to tell the news as factually as possible. When, the country has a president who has lied an average of 30 times per day, that means a lot of criticism. The commander-in-chief does not like criticism.

Trump appeared on the tarmac to talk briefly with reporters. One of them asked him about a Trump campaign ad that CNN had said was “racist.” The reported noted that the three major news networks banned the ad: MSNBC, CNN, and even Fox.

Regarding his ad, POTUS said:

The reason that the networks banned Trump’s ad was that it was a false representation about the people coming to the U.S.’s southern border. It showed a murderer who had been allowed back into the country during the President George W. Bush administration.

Yet, Trump allowed the people making the ad to connect the murderer to the women, children, and young men walking nearly 2,000 miles in search of asylum. Trump called them “invaders,” to stoke fear.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.